Virtual Office Connect

Never lose a customer when they won’t leave a message.

In a world where 60% of people won’t leave a voicemail message, your customers need to be able speak with someone who is both professional and friendly. That’s exactly what Virtual Office Connect provides.

Virtual Office Connect can help you answer all of your calls with highly efficient skilled receptionists. You decide whether or not they should provide specific information or answers, make appointments or transfer the call to you when you are available.

  • Your calls are answered by a real person locally to give you the true representation of your business.
  • A custom call greeting and scripted responses for common questions ensures a seamless customer experience, while also ensuring that they’re always heard.
  • We can even take care of all your appointment booking needs to make sure you always have a spot for whatever days suits the customer best.
  • You have all the flexibility you need with monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time because there is no lock-in contract.

Contact us to discuss the best Virtual Office Connect option for your business.

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